Northern Frenzy

The finals are over, and we have our winners!

After JAF MIX and Team Bitfrost battled it out, JAF MIX has come away the winners of the first ever Northern Frenzy! A huge congrats to all the teams who took part, this is just the start of your VALORANT journeys, and we are excited to see where everyone goes next! Congratulations%20-%20JAF%20MIX

Day 1 of the Northern Frenzy Finals has concluded!

Congrats to JAF MIX for making it through to the final. Who will be joining them? It's all still to play for! Frenzysemifinalresults

The line-up for day 1 of the Northern Frenzy Finals!

It's going to be a fight to the finish... Frenzyfinalschedule1

Talent announcement for the Northern Frenzy Finals!

We have some super talented people joining us for the finals. Please say hi to the host and casters: FrenzyFinalsTalent

The results after the last week of the Northern Frenzy cups!

All 4 weeks of the Northern Frenzy cups have been played, and these are the 4 teams qualifying for the finals! FremzyFinalsTeams

Last chance to play in the Northern Frenzy cups!

With 3 out of 4 of the weekly cups having taken place, 11th November is your last chance before the finals to get your taste of competitive VALORANT play for this tournament. Here are the points so far.

Point totals after week 3:


Results of week 3:


Point totals after week 2:


Results of week 2:


Results of week 1:


Signups for the Northern Frenzy cups are now open!


  • Do you play VALORANT?
  • Looking to scratch that competitive itch? Then the Northern Frenzy cups are for you! Sign up with your team, or if you are a solo player, don’t panic! Join the ICEBOX community Discord to help you find a team to compete with.

The Northern Frenzy cups provide regular amateur competition for teams wanting to get their competitive fix. There will be weekly tournaments running from 21st October-11th November, with finals taking place on the weekend of 13th November.

Teams in this tournament will earn points based on their placement in each weekly cup, with a monthly prize pool of £500. You are able to compete in both the Northern Classic & the Northern Frenzy cups.

To enter, each player must meet the following requirements:

  • All participants must be 16+ years of age
  • All participants must be from the EMEA region and their team roster consist of a majority Northern European roster (list of eligible countries can be found in the Rules page)

Playoffs Bracket