Northern Classic

Congratulations to the winners, UCAM Esports!!

Both Kova and UCAM Esports played amazing games, but there could only be one winner. UCAM Esports are the official winners of the first ever Northern Classic tournament! WinnerClassic

Who will win?

Playing for their share of the £20,000 prize pool, who will come out on top? Join us on our Twitch channel to watch the action unfold! Classicgrnadfinal

We have our final 2 teams!

The semi finals had us on the edge of our seats. Now Kova and UCAM Esports will battle it out for the ultimate prize and bragging rights! SemiFinalBrackets

Results at the end of day 1

Day 1 of the semi finals has come to a close, and these are the standings so far! Classicendofdayone

Semi Final starting matches

From 100 teams to 4...with the semi finals starting today, who will make it through to the finals? Classicsemifinalteams

Talent announcement for the Northern Classic Semi Finals and Finals

This is going to be incredible! Classicfinalstalent

Bracket group results for the Northern Classic

With all bracket games having been played, these are the results for Group A and Group B. Next up, the playoffs! Classic%20Brackets

An update regarding group B of the Northern Classic!


Talent announcement for the Northern Classic group stages!

This talent line-up is fire! We are super excited to be working with such amazing casters. Classic_Talent_Announcement

Group stages for the Northern Classic have been announced!

Following the nail-biting open qualifiers for the Northern Classic, here are the teams through to the group stage. The first group stage playdays are on 1st & 2nd November. Classic_Teams_Announcement

The Northern Classic is a £20,000 VALORANT tournament!


  • Do you sit there when you play VALORANT and think to yourself “hey, I’m pretty good at this”?
  • Think you could be one of the best teams or players in the region? Then the Northern Classic is calling your name!

The Northern Classic is here to showcase the best teams within the region, providing a competition platform between amateur and professional play.

With two opportunities to qualify through open qualifiers organised via ChallengerMode, there’s plenty of chances to make your mark.

The first Northern Classic qualifiers will take place on 18th & 19th October, with the second on 23rd & 24th October. The top 4 teams from each qualifier event will be seeded into the main event which will run from 1st-21st November, with a prize pool of £20,000.

Sign up now to show everyone what you’ve got!

To enter, each player must meet the following requirements:

  • All participants must be 16+ years of age
  • All participants must be from the EMEA region and their team roster consist of a majority Northern European roster (list of eligible countries can be found in the Rules page)
Tournament Dates
  • Qualifier #1

    • Monday 18th October 2021
    • Tuesday 19th October 2021
  • Qualifier #2

    • Saturday 23rd October 2021
    • Sunday 24th October 2021
  • Group Stage

    • Monday 1st November 2021
    • Tuesday 2nd November 2021
    • Monday 8th November 2021
    • Tuesday 9th November 2021
  • Playoffs

    • Friday 19th November 2021
    • Saturday 20th November 2021
    • Sunday 21st November 2021

Playoffs Bracket